Welcome to Fair Dinkum Homes & Sheds Welcome to Fair Dinkum Homes & Sheds
Welcome to Fair Dinkum Homes & Sheds
Giving you Strength, Style and Versatility   Welcome to Fair Dinkum Homes & Sheds
Welcome to Fair Dinkum Home & Sheds
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Welcome to Fair Dinkum Homes & Sheds
Fair Dinkum Home and Sheds.

Fair Dinkum Homes & Sheds is a leading distributor of residential garages and carports, barns, farm sheds and industrial/commercial buildings up to 35m in span. Fair Dinkum products are sold through Distributors all over South Africa..


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American Barns


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Fair Dinkum Engineering

All Fair Dinkum buildings are Designed and Certified to meet the local building requirements.

With over 180,000 Buildings built internation to this point you can have faith in the engineering and design conducted for your Fair Dinkum Shed.


MultiBuild Design and Quotation Software

Fair Dinkum distributors make use of quoting and design software called MultiBuild. This software is exclusive to Fair Dinkum distributors. The software enables them to:
  • Quickly and easily come up with a custom design best suited to you.
  • Instantly quote to the dollar your custom design, informing you quickly on different prices as you add and remove features of your design.
  • Save templates and designs of their most popular sheds which may suit exactly what you are looking for.
  • Modify their existing designs to suit your requirements.
  • Design an extension to your existing shed.
  • Export details to the engineering and drafting department to certify your custom design in minutes.

MultiBuild software has been developed progressively over the last 15 years and as such combines all the features required to suit your individual needs.


Council Requirements and Certifications

Fair Dinkum distributors have exclusive access to the MultiPlan system through their MultiBuild Software.

This allows the distributor to request site specific AutoCAD prepared plans for an individual building in a turn around time of fewer than 3 minutes.


These plans have been prepared with the needs of South African Councils in mind. However, as the standards imposed are different across the various territorial authorities these plans and certification documents can be customised to suit individual areas requirements and are constantly being updated.


You will be provided with:

  • A full set of site specific plans.
  • A detailed list of the components included in your building.
  • A set of instructions for your Fair Dinkum structure.
  • Engineering certification of the building, and
  • A full set of design calculations if required by your specific certifying authority.

Given our 15 year market leading position you can trust in the knowledge and experience of Fair Dinkum Homes and Sheds when it comes to council certifications.


Click Here To Download a Set of Sample Plans.


Optional Extras
  Select from our huge range
of optional extras...

  • 100% Mital Steel.
  • Full Selection of Chromadek colours to fit in with any existing design.
  • Up to a 25 year Manufacturers Warranty.
  • Fully Galvanised Frame.
  • 550MPa Roof and Wall Sheeting.
  • Products Manufactured in both Auckland and Christchurch.
  • Free online and onsite quotations.
  • Normally a fixed price contract, ensuring your peace of mind.
  • Greatest range of customisation and versatility available at the best rates on the best product.
  • Affordable Quality.
  • Complete kits with no hidden surprises.
  • Simple assemblies for low cost construction or easy do it yourself installations.


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